Sales Tips for ecommerce Startups

Starting an ecommerce business is not so hard, if it has a better sales team. Before getting started with your ecommerce business is aware of the following tips:

Instead of Product, sell a solution:

In your efforts of marketing and advertisements never forget that, you will always succeed selling a solution instead of product. Explain to customers about what solution your startup has for their problems and why it serves as the best solution.

Maintain proper communication:

Your work is not complete simply by making sales; your startup will be success only by proper communication. Learn more about how better you can serve your customer’s interest. If you behave well with customers then they will brag about you to their friends, making a change in your business.

Use social media:

Social media serves as one of the advantages for every startup as most of the adults are addicted to it. These social Medias will not only help us to serve better, but it also acts as a tool for learning more and improves your effort on crowdfunding

You can inspire customers by sharing your startups in social media, so that they can recommend you to their relatives and friends.

Have a proper plan:

If you are planning for any crowdfunding projects, then have a proper plan of how you going to deliver the solutions you promised. Having proper plan, budget and goal will help you land your business with success.

Make customer No: 1:

Make sure to answer properly to the customer queries and provide the best service to them, if you don’t want them to switch to other alternate startups.

Make the best off failed campaigns on Kickstarter

A failed crowdfunding campaign is not the end of the world, in fact, more than half of the projects do not succeed. But a failed project teaches you many valuable things to be a successful entrepreneur. A smart and aspiring entrepreneur would have ten other ideas in his pocket out of which, one would be a massive jackpot. Now, that is what called as smart business!

According to a study, any project that yields good results in the very first week after the launch would hit the funding goal. Also, a crowdfunding campaign may take a convincing shape even during the crucial stages.  So do not lose hope when things fail to fall in places at right time and it is no shame to try hand at different ideas. Always remember to plan way before the project launch which in turn would bring about remarkable differences in your campaign.

A successful campaign does not ONLY fetch you funds because it provides other benefits as well that many people fail to notice. A failed crowdfunding campaign would offer values that can be used to implement in the next project. If it did not even near the funding goal, then it was not a great idea to be implemented in the market.

You can always implement slight changes and new features in the next crowdfunding campaign to grab attention from the backers who failed to turn up to your previous project. Most importantly, never hide your previous failed attempts at campaigns from the backers and fund givers. Your determination and will power to achieve a successful campaign would automatically fetch you funds from the backers, you may never know! Everything sounds like a long procedure, but there is a sweet victory at the end.

Free crowdfunding promotion is a big fat no

If you are planning for a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, then do not go for a free promotion! In fact, “you get for what you pay” is very true in this case. Not all the campaigns succeed, more than half of them fail, but it’s not the end of the world! A crowdfunding project should be well planned before it is officially launched. According to sources, campaigns that follow free crowdfunding promotion fail and miss to hit the target.

If you are still in dilemma whether or not to invest money to promote your campaign, then reach out to Google. Type “free crowdfunding promotion” and you would be a lot surprised and shocked to see many failed projects due to free crowdfunding promotions. If that is not enough, check out Facebook communities that also do not favor free promotions.

You need to spend some bucks to promote you campaign in order to achieve better results. Advertising strategies and promotions are very essential for a campaign; you can either make or break the record by following the right activities for a successful campaign. Also, do not hesitate to invest money on promotions because it is 100% money back guarantee. If you look at the history, all the successful campaigns have spent those “extra dollars” on promotions, so do not lose hope guys! Reach the word out to public as much as possible before you launch the Kickstarter campaign and be a successful fundraiser.

Ways to Refinance Your Credit Card Debits

Websites like kick start, indiegogo and GoFundMe are all famous websites for crowd funding but we are not going to use that for refinancing credit card debt.

This article explains you some ways to get a better interest rate by crowd funding by wiping your credit card debt. This happens when a group of investors uses a marketplace to find loans which has good returns. This marketplace consists of a list of loans submitted by borrowers which was reviewed by the investors.

Here are some steps to get a low interest loan which help you to refinance your debt.

Who are eligible for new lending companies?

Almost everyone is eligible for this process. You can get a loan for improvement of your home, to integrate debt, to start a business, medical expenses and many more.

If you didn’t find success with the various crowds funding platform, then it is better to use peer to peer lending option.

Search for an online lending company:

In order to get a low interest loan, search and choose for the best online lending company. But all should not have the same qualifications or terms.

Check the reviews of users who have already used the website.

Check your rate:

Some users suspect if checking rates will impact their credit score, but it is not true. Checking rates on one of the peer to peer website will help qualify you for ‘soft inquiry’ which will not affect your credit.

Understand the duration:

To make the process easier, do research on each platform you are interested in. It is very important to remember that you don’t have to pay for your loan early, no partial prepayment penalties  is required, don’t need to put up collateral and so on.

If investors have committed the loan after your listings, then funds will be deposited in your bank accounts.

Write a review:

Take a second to leave a review on the blog post if you secure a loan successfully.

Different tips for succeeding on Indiegogo Life

Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform that helps you to raise funds for your campaigns. It is the best platform to raise funds for personal causes such as education and medical expenses.

  • Raising funds for your campaign is not a big thing like everyone describes it to be, but you need to be smart enough.
  • Social media sites are very helpful when it comes to promotions. Be active on Facebook, Twitter and many other sites to keep your donors updated with your campaign.
  • Reach out to the donors by videos and other perks to make them understand your passion for the campaign.
  • Build a relationship with bloggers and request them to blog about your campaigns.

Do not go overboard with your goal

Try to set a realistic goal that you can achieve within the time period. Do not have high expectations because you do not want to be disappointed when your campaign is a failure. It is no shame to begin your first campaign with a smaller target.

Get your friends’ help for the so called “social proof”

Before expecting the donors to provide funds for your campaign, reach out to your friends to donate funds. You need to possess the so called “trustworthy look” before you expect funds from the community.

Befriend your donors and build a healthy relationship

It’s not an easy job to grab attention from the donors; you need to have creative and engaging videos. Extra ordinary start pages with HD images, graphic banners and attractive texts would also be a show-stealer.

Prepare to face tough circumstances

It is not going to be an easy cakewalk; you are going to face hurdles during the campaign. Never give up and lose your self confidence, after all, donors do not prefer coward fundraisers. Ask questions to yourself and always be prepared.

The secret mantra “ABC”

These are not just letters; ABC stands for “Always be communicating”. Stay in touch with your donors and important people; do not cut off your relationship with them as soon as you are done with the campaign. Also, keep them posted with your current status of the campaign. If you still not succeed in your campaign, it is not the end of the world. You have got another infamous option called peer to peer lending. Make use of it and be a successful fund raiser, it is never too late.